The ultimate Vegas pool party is upon us and it’s time to take advantage of all the
pleasures that await under the desert sun! If it’s your first time hitting up a dayclub
in Las Vegas, or even if you’re a frequent friend of the Sin City pool party, it’s always
good to brush up on how to optimize your experience. 

Cabanas are the Way to Go

girls hanging by the cabana at a pool party in las vegas

There’s nothing better than getting your crew together for a great day of sitting back in
the shade, sipping drinks and moving to the beats provided by your favorite DJ.
Obviously cabanas aren’t required for a great experience at any dayclub, but
Marquee Dayclub’s cabanas come with that ever-important “more.” Treat yourself to
some VIP service from a dedicated cabana hostess ready to bring you refreshing treats
and icy drinks.  Daybeds are also a great way to soak up the sun and have a place to
kick up your feet, but keep an eye out for VIP daybeds that are partially submerged in
the pool for an extra-chill spot.
Share the space with your friends and you’ll enjoy your own private area to watch the day
unfold from your own refreshing infinity pool. And trust us – the day will be an epic one.
We can almost picture it now…

girls in the cabana infinity pool at Marquee

Don’t forget that bottle service is calling your name and surfing the waves towards you
to make your spirits even higher. Who could resist such an epic Instagram opportunity? 

pool party bottle service at Marquee

Bring the Essentials

friends hanging out at a vegas pool party

It’s no secret that Vegas gets hot – and we mean HOT.  It might not seem like you’re
spending multiple hours in the middle of the desert when you’re surrounded by the
decadent vibe of Marquee Dayclub and focused on the DJ’s beats, your next round of
drinks and how much fun you’re having, but let’s talk prep. Sunscreen can’t be ignored
and wearing your favorite hat kills two birds by providing the shade you crave and the
style you rock. Ladies, feel free to rock some heels with your suit in true Vegas fashion,
but don’t feel obligated. Flip flops save lives.
Your water intake is especially important when day drinking, so take advantage of it in
all forms: water bottles, mister sprays, and the occasional squirt gun-touting cocktail

vegas pool party celebration at Marquee Dayclub

It's a Marathon, Not a Race

Marquee Dayclub party in Las Vegas

Pace yourself, team. You don’t want to be KO’d by 2PM and under the sheets in your
hotel room before the sun even goes down. By staying continuously hydrated through
the day, you’re not only making your mom proud by being so responsible, you’re
ensuring your night will be as epic as your day was.
Fuel your adventure by ordering some food to your cabana, too. With a delicious lineup
at the ready, just let your cabana hostess know what you’re in the mood for and the
menu will likely make you smile. Besides, who wouldn’t be happy with this walking
towards you? 

server carrying fruit platter at Marquee

By following some of our tried-and-true tricks of the trade, we know you’ll have an
amazing time strutting around Marquee Dayclub. Only thing left to do is to show the
world how you roll by taking the best selfies of your Vegas trip and be sure to tag

taking pictures at the dayclub in Vegas