EDC Las Vegas has grown to be one of the biggest music festivals in the world. With its
growing lineup, art installations, and notoriety, the festival is seeing record number of
attendees. We encourage everyone who attends to immerse themselves as much as they
can in this wonderful event, but every now and then it is nice to escape the madness for a
bit of pampering. If you are looking for the VIP experience, the Marquee SkyDeck at EDC
is the place to be.
The view
Marquee Las Vegas EDC Weekend

Enjoy your very own elevated view of kineticFIELD. EDC’s main stage is a spectacle and
the Marquee SkyDeck at EDC allows you to take in all of your surroundings while your
favorite DJ continues to pump the bass louder than ever.
No waiting in lines
LAS Vegas Marquee EDC Weekend

As a guest at Marquee SkyDeck at EDC, you get to skip the long lines and experience
the festival with an elevated view. 
Escorts to and from the entrance to your table
Marquee Las Vegas EDC

Marquee SkyDeck at EDC hosts will escort you from the entrance directly to your table. 
Bottle Service
Bottle Service at Marquee Skydeck EDC Week

Guests have a complete bottle service menu to choose from in order to cater to
everyone’s drink preferences.
Attentive staff
Marquee Las Vegas EDC Week

Marquee’s own cocktail waitresses are ready and waiting to help out with any and all
of your guests’ needs. The staff is there to make sure you feel like a VIP guest at all
EDC Las Vegas Marquee Bottle Service

Enjoy the comfort of your very own restroom area at the Marquee SkyDeck at EDC.
Every table guest receives luxuries such as Marquee giveaways, entrance to photo
booth, additional dining options, private courtyard to lounge and much, much more.

Insomniac Events throws the biggest festivals in the world. Combined with Marquee,
you're guaranteed an unforgettable weekend. Reserve your table at the Marquee
SkyDeck at EDC. 
EDC Las vegas Marquee