Marquee Dayclub is the party your whole life has been waiting for. 
Here's a taste of what you’re missing when you aren’t at Marquee Dayclub.  

marquee dayclub pool party in las vegas

It’s one gigantic pool party.

girl carrying a jeroboam of champagne in the dayclub crowd

With plenty of champagne. 

marquee logo stamp on biki clad girl at dayclub pool

And these ladies.  

girls in bikinis with drinks at marquee las vegas

Also, these ladies.  

mosaic of dayclub images from marquee

And this party. 

dayclub pool party in full effect at marquee las vegas

Also, this party. 

borgeous performing at marquee dayclub las vegas

And Borgeous recently killing it at the Dayclub. 

alesso performance at marquee dayclub las vegas

Also, Alesso. Because, Alesso. 

girls in bikini at dayclub party at Marquee

And of course, this. 

friends hanging at the edge of the pool at marquee las vegas

The one thing missing is you.
Book your day at Marquee for the event of your choice, and we will see you poolside.