Memorial Day Weekend unofficially kicks off summer. For some, the long weekend
means hitting up the beach or an overdue excuse to sleep in on a Monday morning.
For those in the know, Memorial Day Weekend means heading to Las Vegas for the
real party and the only way to truly welcome the summer months.

Before you take off, make sure you’re prepped for the weekend and ready for the action.
Check out our Memorial Day Survival Guide to stay on top of your game all weekend. 

Choose How You'll Get to Vegas

Deciding how you’ll get here is a good start. Flights can be relatively inexpensive
depending on where you’re coming from. And a road trip is always a good time.

Don't Bring Debbie Downer

group of girls in bikinis at vegas dayclub

Having your friends around helps in a couple ways. 1) Vegas is always more fun in a
group than by yourself. 2) Friends act as protection in case things get … weird, let’s
just say.

Pace Yourself

girl laying in vegas daybed by the pool

Slow and steady wins the race.  Find some time to chill between parties. You’ll last longer. Also…

Stay Hydrated

woman drinking voss water at marquee

Expect Anything and Everything to Happen

vegas dayclub party at marquee

Or this…

two girls in dayclub pool

Buy Tickets in Advance

nas mdw in las vegas at marquee

Nothing’s more of a bummer than waiting in line for tickets to a club or show. Buying
tickets in advance ensures you’ll get in, and sometimes avoid the lines.
Nas is playing Marquee this Memorial Day Weekend, and you don’t want to be the
only person not there. Skip the lines and buy your tickets now

Keep an Eye Out for You and Your Friends

girls sitting at the pool edge at marquee

Like we said before, having your friends’ backs is rule #1 in any tight circle. 

Don't Drink and Drive

woman with marquee wrist stamp

There are more car and limo services in Las Vegas than anywhere else on the planet.
There’s no excuse to find yourself intoxicated behind the wheel. PRO TIP:
ODS Limo Service offers some of the best rates and rides in town.  

Dress Appropriately

girl with large champagne bottle vegas

The day club and nightclub are two different worlds. Then there’s the casino and shows.
Most places will let you know what you need to wear to even get in, so bone up on what
to pack to get past the front door. 

Eat Well

sushi platter at tao restaurant in las vegas

Food is important for strength, stamina and all that stuff. But Vegas is also renowned for
world-class gourmet, and if you don’t partake in some of the finest food the city has to offer,
you’re doing yourself a disservice.  

Have a Good Time All of the Time

couple at the welcome to las vegas sign

That’s why you’re here, after all. Don't forget.  

Sleep it Off

dance all night sleep all day

When you finally do have to face real life again after the long weekend, rest up knowing
you survived the party of the year in the best city on Earth.
Survive the weekend at Marquee.